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The Penny Stock Research Team for 2016Don't Be Scammed by 'Free' Sites

We are NOT PAID to pick certain penny stocks.
We DO NOT own shares.

99+% of Penny Stock websites are either paid to pick a penny stock by someone who is selling - or they bought up shares themselves and are selling and cashing out while telling you to buy. We don't. We only work for our readers.

DO NOT be scammed by those "free" penny stocks websites and emails. They're not free... they will cost you hundreds or thousands in losses as they 'dump' shares in an all-too-common "pump-n-dump" campaign. They are thieves and liars. Period. There has been research done that proves that over 90% of these stocks end LOWER. We've seen these scams push stocks down 80% lower. Who was buying that stock? People like you and other regular individual investors that were fooled and are now sitting on a big loss. Those 'free' penny stock pick websites are actually very expensive.

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FalconStocks is the premier penny stock website specializing in The Best Penny Stock Picks for the U.S. Markets. Period. These are REAL companies with great histories; they're just small and undiscovered. We own the best penny stock pick record. We've beaten our competition every year since we started in 2004, plus we give you more than any other newsletter for less. Our members get access to our online newsletter where we post a new research report on a low-priced (under $5.00) stock on Tuesdays. We're here to help investors interested in buying small-cap and micro-cap stocks that can run higher quickly, providing amazing profits.

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Since our start over 16 years ago, we've beaten the competition - every year.

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Our Avg. Peak Gain for ALL Picks From Our 1st Back in 2004:  102.45%


Check out our track record and a list of all past penny stock picks. The Best Penny Stocks.

Why do we list all of our past picks? So you can take a look at how our picks perform, what types of stocks we find... in short, so you can see if we're right for you. Now, ask yourself why other sites hide their past picks and only let you see them after you've paid - and after you accepted their no-refund policy. We treat our readers fairly... the way we would like to be treated... no excuses.

100% Unbiased Penny Stocks - Guaranteed

We conduct our own research, create our own search parameters and even travel to visit companies (anonymously) when possible. We also have a half-dozen contributors that still work as traders and research associates who provide us with insight, tips and knowledge of where the big guys are looking to invest in under-the-radar companies. We DO NOT accept any type of compensation or payment from ANY company nor ANY person to profile these stocks.

We also do NOT own shares of our picks.

Don't let those other sites fool you... it is a conflict of interest to own shares. They will be selling while telling everyone to buy. That's the biggest scam out there. They will say that owning shares proves they believe in their stocks. Bull! Ask if they will announce every sell order they place. They won't. The fact is they bought shares before everyone else and will be selling when the stocks move higher on their buy recommendation. That is why they pick thinly traded penny stocks, the price will jump when readers buy - and they profit.

Here are a few examples of Penny Stocks we profiled:

 2016 Top Penny Stocks           A Top Penny Stock Chart

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