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Our Experience...

Those other guys tout their e-books or blogs and call that experience. Really?

That's like your new airline captain touting his experience because he used to build model planes.

Our Industry Experiences Include:


-Working as a corporate trader on an international firm's (household name) trading floor.

-Participating in brokering trades as large as 1+ million shares of an NYSE stock.

-Responsible for firm's compliance with Rule 144 sales and corporate repurchases.

-Running entire employee stock option program for firm.

-Clients included CEOs and other officers of major, listed public companies.

-A vast majority of clients were officers or directors of public companies.

-Advising public employees on retirement plans, options and planning.

-Working in fund research for a national rating company.

-Previously licensed for SEC Series 7 & 63 with a 100% clean record.

-Previously licensed for life, health and variable insurance in all 50 states plus D.C.


...this is only a partial list.

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-We have the best average record of all of the major penny stock services.

-We don't charge you again when your subscription expires - that's unethical.

-We don't hide behind 'no refund' policies.

-We post every past pick - we don't hide them until you pay.

-We have a 100% unbiased, no vested guarantee.


Free Penny Stock Pick WebsitesWe at FalconStocks realized many years ago, while working as traders, that research from brokerage companies was not what investors thought it was. It was not free from bias. In fact, it's horribly biased, if not worthless. Brokerage research is worth almost nothing, never was. Sometimes, it's almost criminal. We've seen firms post "Buy" recommendations on stocks that are tanking and not change that until the company is basically bankrupt (yes, even firms we have worked for). When the brokerage firm realizes that they cannot get any more business from that company, then they'll change the rating. Basically, a "Buy" rating is... sometimes, a bribe to get business. Not here... we accept NO money nor advertising from any company we profile. We work for you, PERIOD!


We have experience speaking with Board Members and Top-Level Corporate Management alike. These "Top-Dogs" were our customers, so we know their language, we know what they really mean when they say things and we know how to decipher their comments and financial reports. We know them better than some know themselves. We can see exaggeration from these guys a mile away and aren't fooled by it. We know when a CEO is "working the street", trying to get hype for his company -- and when it's just that... hype.


Many others also put in their time. A delegation of folks in the industry also bring in their expertise with insight, tips, research and ideas about stocks, industries and the overall market. These folks have been our friends and colleagues for many years back on the trading floors and contribute their time - much of it volunteered and unpaid as that would pose a conflict of interest. Another reason we can offer our subscription for such a low price... friends that help us out and expect no payment in return, although we do have to buy them drinks once in a while. 


Each profile we issue contains not only a profile of the company, but also includes many of the reasons that we like that stock, at that particular time. Of course, you may email us at any time for questions, clarification, or just to chat about stocks!